Modality Systems 2015 - Now

I was employed by Modality Systems to predominantly work with web technologies. My time there however, has actually been spent on a much wider variety of different technologies.

Initially I started off working with the Skype Web SDK to create an SPA with AngularJS 1. I have since gone on to work on various solutions using the Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA).

During my time at Modality Systems I have also learnt a lot about agile methodologies along side TDD and BDD.

Recently I have been working on a solution that combines Akka.net with Signal R whilst test it using SpecFlow.

C A Design Services 2014 - 2015

This was my first role in the software industry. I started off fixing bugs in internal tools. As my role in the department grew I began working on new developments. I drove the department to start using APS.NET MVC (as opposed to Web Forms) and Entity Framework. The first project I led was for the large retail firm Sainsbury’s.