Modality Systems 2015 - Now

During this role I have worked on various enterprise software solutions. In the past year or so Modality has made a lot of changes to become a more truly agile dev team. This has involved building out build & release pipelines in VSTS and embracing TDD & testing automation. This involved a large mentality shift with regards to how QA is approached. We now try and involve our testers as early as possible with each user story. I have particularly enjoyed embracing TDD.

During my time at Modality I have worked on various projects. I lead the design of one project that tested a customer’s network by making test Skype calls. This was a very interesting project that involved the co-ordination of 50+ machines. It used Akka.NET and SignalR to achieve the distributed computing required. The machines could be configured using an Angular2 TypeScript web application. During this project we hired a junior dev who was brought on to the project. I mentored him as he had not done much TDD before and it was an extremely rewarding experience. I was also stand-in scrum master for this project.

I have also been involved in various Microsoft TAP programs which were a great experience. I have found working with the other developers at Modality Systems extremely rewarding.

 C#  JavaScript  TypeScript  ASP.NET MVC  ASP.NET Web API  Skype Web SDK  UCMA  Akka.NET

C A Design Services 2014 - 2015

This was my first development role. Upon starting the role I initially performed small support tasks and developed an in house web site to aid support for a particular product. During this time, I also wrote software using Microsoft ASP.NET and C# for the first time since college. I then moved on to developing enhancements and bug fixes to older existing developments. These systems were usually 3-tier ASP.NET Web Form Applications with T-SQL databases.

As my role in the department grew I eventually began working on new developments and was the first person at the company to code a website using an ORM back end (Entity Framework) and the MVC design pattern (ASP.NET MVC). My first project was for the large retail firm Sainsbury’s. To deliver software to such a large firm in my first ever greenfield project, on my own, using new technologies, is something I am very proud of. I also began writing unit tests for the first time during my time at C A Design Services.

Despite almost all of my knowledge gained at C A Design Services being self-taught, I feel I have a learned a lot during my time there. This includes MVC, ORMs, C#, Dependency Injection and TDD. Since I had only made Java web applications at university, the fact that I made the shift to C#/.NET gave me the confidence that I could learn and adapt to any language or framework when given the correct amount of time.

 C#  JavaScript  ASP.NET MVC  Entity Framework